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Love & Life On The Spectrum | with David & Alison Isaacman #100

September 2, 2022

Our Special guest today is David Isaacman, from the Netflix Series Love on the Spectrum and he is joined by his sister Alison Issacman! We are excited to talk to them both about their experience on the show, and about his experience in the dating world. 

A little bit about David, he is one of three triplet siblings, he sees numbers as different colors and his all-time favorite animal is the lion. As an extracurricular activity, David is involved in a program called The Miracle Project, which is a theatre program for people of all abilities that are on the spectrum. Through this program, he got to be on the Netflix show Atypical as one of the cast members in Sam's autism support group. Most recently, David participated in the popular Netflix show, Love on the Spectrum. Alison is a member of his support team, one of his triplet siblings, and his biggest fan.  

Where to watch Love on the Spectrum: Netflix!

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Thank you for listening to the 100th episode of the Autism Weekly podcast! We are so grateful to provide this resource to families, autistic self-advocates, clinicians, and the greater community at large. Over the past 100 episodes, we have learned so much from each other. From parents sharing their best self-care tips to professionals explaining what an IEP is, to behavior analysts talking ABA basics – we are excited to continue to provide timely and helpful podcasts to our listeners.  

The Autism Weekly podcast is produced by ABS Kids. ABS Kids is proud to provide diagnostic assessments and ABA therapy to children with autism. Shout out to CEO Adam Singer for supporting the program, and Anna Kacinski and Jeremi Fulmore for producing, editing, and publishing.  

Cheers to 100 episodes! 


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